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BBC Sport - England could consider 2026 World Cup bid - Greg Dyke Germany won the 2014 World Cup with victory over Argentina in the final England could consider 2026 World Cup bid - Greg Dyke England could consider a bid to host the 2026 World Cup,cheap nike air max 90, says Football Association chairman Greg Dyke. Dyke says any attempt is dependent on whether Sepp Blatter remains in charge of governing body Fifa during the process - and on other factors. He said the appointment of Englishman David Gill on to the Fifa executive committee could prove influential. "If David can assure us there's a proper system and it's fair then we could be persuaded,moncler sale," he said. "But at the moment the policy is straightforward - we don't bid while Mr Blatter's there." England lost out to Russia for the right to host the 2018 tournament, where they came fourth in the bidding process,cheap nike air max 90, winning only two votes. An investigation into alleged corruption and collusion in the bidding for both the 2018 and 2022 World Cups was conducted,cheap air max 90, but the subsequent report cleared hosts Russia and Qatar of any wrongdoing. David Beckham and Wayne Rooney backed England's bid for the 2018 tournament Dyke then questioned the conclusions and the integrity of Fifa,cheap nike foamposites, adding last November: "I don't think it is a straight organisation and hasn't been for many years." Blatter, 79,cheap moncler, is seeking a fifth term in office. If he is re-elected on 29 May he will oversee the bid process for the 2026 tournament, which takes place in 2017. Regarding a possible new bid, Dyke added: "It depends on the timetable really. It depends on how quickly it has to be done. "But remember, you have to get an awful lot of people onside and that's not going to be easy in England now because a lot of people got badly scarred in the process last time. "To make a bid you've got to get whoever is the government onside, and we don't know who that is yet because they have to underwrite it. England won the World Cup on the previous occasion they hosted the tournament - in 1966 "Also, there's a lot of money involved,cheap nike air max, so if you haven't got a chance [to win],skechers outlet, don't do it." Also related to this story Share this story Share this page






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BBC Sport - Northampton Saints: Jim Mallinder wants team to remain ambitious George Pisi struggles to break clear from the Exeter defence in Northampton's loss on Sunday Northampton Saints: Jim Mallinder wants team to remain ambitious Northampton Saints head coach Jim Mallinder does not want the Premiership leaders to change their style of play despite suffering back-to-back defeats. Having exited the European Champions Cup after a 37-5 loss to Clermont Auvergne,air max 90 outlet, they were defeated 21-10 by Exeter in the Premiership on Sunday. "We want our players to play with ambition and move the ball,skechers outlet," Mallinder told BBC Radio Northampton. "We just have to make sure that,cheap moncler, at the right times,cheap nike tn, we look after the ball." He added: "There were a number of times we made some cracking breaks,cheap air max, only to give the ball away and only to end up 70 yards back downfield, and for a forward in particular that is demoralising." Despite losing to Exeter for a second time this season,cheap nike air max, the reigning champions have a six-point lead at the top with three matches remaining. Saints now have a two-week break before their next Premiership match against Saracens and Mallinder believes it will give his side time to find their form again. "It will just give us a bit of time to re-focus,moncler outlet," he said. "We do not lose many games,cheap air max, particularly not in the league. It is not a good feeling but hopefully it will inspire us to finish the season well." Also related to this story Share this story Share this page






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